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A social network for deeper and meaningful human connection that touches hearts, opens minds and inspires the world through storytelling.

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Set your story free.

Storytellers, Lead the Way!

Biosgraphy is a new social media network built on the premise of storytelling and closely reflects how we actually form personal relationships in the real world. Sharing personal stories and experiences is how we find common ground, how we build close friendships, how we earn trust and feel empathy. Today, we share a lot of random and trivial information on social networks falsely believing we’re building deep relationships and an authentic personal brand. Our platform is ground-breaking as it solves one of the hardest problems faced in the virtual world – how can digital systems help us foster meaningful and deeper human connections?

Biosgraphy is a place illuminated with digital campfires where one could come and learn from others’ stories, and bring life to their own stories. It is different from the prevailing social media solutions as we’re not just interested in what you’re doing and where you’re doing it. In contrast, Biosgraphy is rather about how and why – how did your life unfold and why do you care about the things you care about. In addition, we are a place where people can share their creations such as poetry, feature articles, photo-essays, open letters, blog posts and much more.


With the ones you love.

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Stories

We have embraced an anthology style storytelling design — topical storyboards that we call Biogs, where narratives, photos, and videos can be presented in ensemble through a collection of little chapters. Biogs can be hashtagged (#), shared publicly or in private and can be followed. Biosgraphy is a sanctuary to capture your memories, thoughts, and life accounts before they fade away. A space for reflection and self-examination. A platform with meaning and substance. Where the telling and hearing of stories becomes a ritual for purposeful bonding. That’s why it’s important. That’s why it matters.


Inspiring generations

Introducing a Better Way to Be Social

Our goal is to bring storytelling to the forefront of social media as we believe it is how we feel emotion, how we engage our imagination, and how we learn. We have built a compelling platform that will help you avoid the social media revolving door and prevent your precious content from being displaced with each new fad.

With Biosgraphy you could experience the panoramic world of any person, event, place or endeavor through the click of a button as like stories will be connected and aggregated. We ask you to believe in the power of storytelling, to give yourself over to paying it forward, and to then see how that kind of connectivity works wonders.

Collaborate and be empowered

With Crowd Chronicle we provide a medium for showcasing a collection of stories that capture our shared passion and celebrate our endeavors. Our goal is to move the discussion beyond a singular point of view, recalibrate ideas and cross-pollinate them.

We believe that the “Crowd Chronicle” feature will be one of the most powerful elements of our platform and will be applied across every facet of our lives where there are collective stories to be told — and these diverse perspectives, no doubt, will open our minds, touch our hearts and empower our communities.

Set your story free

Touch hearts, open minds and inspire the world through storytelling